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Mechanic in Horsham, Crawley and West Sussex | Car Repairs

Your vehicle is important to you, and few understand that quite like Plus Tech Garage. Our mechanics perform various car repairs for all makes and models, replacing worn or damaged parts with genuine OE-spec products. Your trust is hugely important to us, so we promise only to carry out the exact repairs needed and after receiving your express go-ahead. This honest approach makes us a preferred garage for repairs in Crawley, Horsham and the surrounding areas.

Plus Tech Garage can pick up your car from your home or workplace, then deliver it back fully repaired. Alternatively, you’re welcome to bring your vehicle to our workshop.

We provide the following and much more:

  • Steering and suspension repairs

  • Mechanical and electrical work

  • Brake pad replacements

  • Cambelts and clutch repairs

  • Engine repairs and gearbox rebuilds

  • Air conditioning repairs

  • Alloy wheel refurbishments

  • Genuine parts of superior quality

From engine repairs to brake and clutch repairs, our mechanics manage all repairs in a fully-equipped environment. Simply get in touch to talk through your needs or to arrange vehicle recovery.

Quality Repairs With Modern Techniques

We use the latest diagnostic equipment to remove the guesswork that often comes with troubleshooting. Our systems plug directly into the car’s onboard ECU, before receiving a code specifically for the problem at hand. From there, we can make sense of this code to understand exactly what’s wrong and then outline the issue back to you. With your agreement, we’ll then get to work repairing or replacing damaged components for a safer drive in Crawley, Horsham and the West Sussex area.

The use of diagnostics makes the repair process much faster, convenient and far more cost-effective. It allows our mechanics to spend less time trying to find the problem – time that we can then dedicate to you, the customer.

All Repairs at an Affordable Price

Whether your car has electrical problems, an overheating engine, suspension issues or clutch slippage, our team can resolve all concerns on your behalf. We’ll carry out the repairs needed so your vehicle can pass its MOT and can note down any problems we notice during full or interim car servicing. In turn, you can drive extended distances without fear of a breakdown.

If your engine frequently stalls, you notice an increased stopping distance or simply have a cracked wing mirror, contact us at a time that’s convenient for you. The quicker that a mechanic can repair your car, the better its performance on the road. Visiting our garage for repairs will also help prevent future issues, saving you money in the long run.

If your vehicle suffers an issue in Crawley, Horsham or the surrounding areas, call a mechanic for car repairs on either 01293 541 686 or 07789 795 780.