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Book Your MOT Test in Horsham, Crawley or West Sussex

The annual MOT test works to keep the driver and their fellow road users safe, and without a certificate, your car will be illegal to drive around Crawley, Horsham or the surrounding areas. Book your MOT with the trained mechanics at Plus Tech Garage. We carry out this yearly requirement for cars, vans and light commercial vehicles (class 4), performing all checks at our specialised garage.

If your certificate is now out of date, you can legally only take your car to a pre-arranged test. Our team offers to pick up and deliver your vehicle as needed and can also provide a range of further benefits:

  • MOT preparation before the test

  • The care of qualified technicians

  • Any car repairs needed to pass

  • The supply of an MOT certificate

  • Advice on passing should you fail

  • A completed test in about an hour

Drivers visit our garage for MOT tests and rely on us for our friendly communication, car repairs and other services, such as winter checks. Get in touch with one of our mechanics to keep your vehicle roadworthy throughout the year.

What Does the MOT Test Involve?

Despite taking only an hour to complete, the MOT involves a robust visual inspection of crucial components. These range from seatbelts and windscreen wipers to your brakes, lights and even the exhaust system. It looks for any cracks in the driver-side mirror and lack of fluid but won’t include an inspection of the gearbox, clutch or engine.

Doubling up as an authorised testing centre, our garage comes fully vetted to perform the necessary MOT test. Should you fail, we’ll be happy to run through the problems and rectify them before scheduling your vehicle in at a later time.

Don’t wait for your certificate to expire. You can book your test a month before your expiry, but this won’t change the renewal date. This will make your car legal for a 13 month period.

Why Could My Vehicle Fail?

Some of the most common issues found during the test include suspension problems, brake issues, blown light bulbs and worn tyre treads. Your car in Crawley, Horsham or the surrounding areas might also fail due to an obstructed view or a warning light on the dashboard. For this reason, it’s worth visiting our friendly mechanics for a service at least once a year or by asking for a servicing and MOT test combo.

Receive an authorised test and official certificate by choosing Plus Tech Garage. Our technicians can explain any potential failures with you in understandable terms, and can collect and deliver the vehicle to suit your schedule.

Book your car in Crawley, Horsham or the nearby areas for an MOT test by calling 01293 541 686 or 07789 795 780.