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MOT Test in Crawley | The Importance of Brake Repairs and Maintenance

We all know that brakes remain essential to road safety, but if that’s the case, why don’t drivers typically take better care of them? After all, a delay in response time can lead to a crash, causing injury and damaging their treasured vehicles. Instead, it’s not uncommon for motorists in Crawley and the nearby areas to focus more on car body repairs due to the visible signs of damage. Our mechanics perform car servicing that inspects your brakes' condition and come fully authorised to carry out MOT tests that ensure pads feature a minimum thickness of 1.5mm.

Below, we look at why brake repairs and maintenance prove so essential.

Stopping Distance – When travelling at 40 miles per hour, it takes an average of 35 metres to come to a halt. In wet weather, this can increase by more than double. Icy conditions can boost this distance even further and often lead to crashes on busy motorways. To keep accidents to a minimum, it’s worth asking our mechanics in Crawley to look over your brakes during car servicing.

Wear and Tear – The way you drive can impact the efficiency of the vehicle itself. Pressing down hard on a brake counts as overuse and may wear out the pads and rotors quicker than you’d like. Apply even pressure to the brakes for the best results, and if you notice strange sounds, pulling to one side or a spongy sensation to the pedal, then it may be time to visit a mechanic for brake repairs in the Crawley area.

If you see physical damage like a dent or scratch, we can use innovative methods like SMART repairs and paintless dent repairs for a fast solution. The Plus Tech team takes on all car body repairs for modern vehicles and classic cars alike.

Passing Your MOT Test – Although worn pads might not cost you the MOT, it’s worth knowing that around 10 per cent of failures occur because of damaged brakes. Full and interim car servicing is a great way to make sure your brakes continue to work as they should, so make sure you book in a service and keep your records up to date. Well-maintained cars will naturally stand a better chance at passing the MOT test the first time.

Reacting to Hazards – Even drivers with an eagle eye and fast reaction times can take seconds to respond in an emergency. When combined with the stopping distance mentioned earlier, that gives the car very little time to stop entirely. For this reason, you’ll need a trained mechanic to undertake brake repairs to keep road users and the public safe.

Saving You Money – Do you really want to wait until a major accident before you visit a garage in Crawley? Much like car body repairs that prevent future damage to the vehicle’s panels, car servicing, MOT tests and brake repairs all work in tandem to avoid the high costs resulting from a crash. At Plus Tech Garage, we believe that prevention is much better than cure.

Contact a member of our team to arrange for an inspection of your brakes, car repairs, and pick-up and delivery at your chosen location.

For brake repairs, car body repairs, or to arrange an MOT test in the Crawley area, please get in touch on 01293 541 686 or 07789 795 780.