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Call a Professional Mechanic in Crawley for a Range of Services in Horsham and West Sussex

Trusted by people and built on recommendations, Plus Tech Garage offers a diverse service range to local motorists. From air conditioning repairs to replacement tyres and winter checks, our mechanics work hard to keep drivers safe and prepared for the challenges of the road. If you experience a problem while travelling in Crawley, Horsham or the neighbouring villages, please visit our workshop for excellent care and a service that caters to your needs.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheels may split or crack due to bad road conditions or when driving against a kerb. They can also suffer from corrosion. Thankfully, refurbishing your wheels proves more affordable than buying a new set. More than just a team of mechanics, our technicians have a talent for refurbishments and will strip off the original finish and check for breakages. We’ll also remove any scrapes and fill in large-scale damage.

The process involves a special coating that provides a smooth finish and protects against future scuffs and corrosion. Once complete, your wheels will look good as new and help to support your tyres in the longer term.

New Tyres

Your tyres remain in constant contact with the road, so they bear the brunt of friction, potholes and changing weather conditions. This means you’ll need to change them every so often to ensure an enjoyable driving experience and increase the car’s response time. Have you noticed visible wear on the treads or a lack of tyre pressure? In either case, speak with Plus Tech Garage.

Our mechanics fit new tyres for any make, model or performance preference. Poor quality tyres can cost you the MOT test, so be sure to check their condition beforehand.

Weather Checks

Prepare your vehicle for the poor weather often seen in Crawley, Horsham and West Sussex by asking us to perform a weather check. This will involve a battery test, tyre inspection, top-up of your antifreeze and coolant. We’ll also make sure that your lights and windscreen wipers are working correctly. These measures will let us note any shortcomings that might cause problems on the wintery roads.

As such, many drivers come to us for these checks to make sure they stay safe when the temperature falls and the roads begin to ice over.

Air Conditioning

An essential feature in modern vehicles, air conditioning prevents you from overheating on hot summer days. When they break, it can leave you sweltering in the heat – affecting your ability to focus on the road ahead. Our mechanics can recharge the system, replace broken sensors and hoses, and perform major repairs that may involve replacing the compressor.

As with all replacement parts, we provide new components complete with 12-month warranties or for the next 12000 miles depending on which comes sooner.

DPF Cleaning

The diesel particulate filter captures soot to help keep emission levels down. Unfortunately, DPFs only have a limited capacity, so the system attempts to burn the soot away in a process known as regeneration. Sometimes, the regeneration process might fail, causing a fault and causing the light to come up on the dashboard.

Armed with the Liqui Moly DPF cleaning kit, our experts can dissolve the contaminants for better performance and reduced fuel consumption.

Vehicle Recovery

Unlike some local workshops, Plus Tech Garage offers an emergency vehicle recovery service to drivers within ten miles. Save our numbers to your phone for prompt pick-up when an accident occurs, and we’ll do our best to remove the stress from your day. We can also collect vehicles at the weekend if pre-arranged before performing the agreed mechanical, electrical or car body repairs.

After we carry out the repairs you need, our team can then deliver the vehicle to your chosen location.

For a range of services that can benefit your vehicle in Crawley, Horsham or the neighbouring areas, please call our mechanics on 01293 541 686 or 07789 795 780.