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Car Body Repairs in Horsham | How to Prepare for a Long Road Trip – Visit Us for Car Servicing

Are you hoping to take the family to the coast in the summer? Perhaps you need to see a relative far away during the festive season. No matter the road conditions, you should carry out some preliminary checks before going on a long journey. At Plus Tech Garage, we can help with this process. Known locally in Horsham for car servicing, MOT tests, brake repairs and car body repairs, our mechanics perform in-depth inspections to keep your vehicle in pristine shape.

Read our tips below so you can better prepare for an extended road trip. For a weather check in the local area, choose the friendly technicians at Plus Tech Garage.

The Night Before – Staying up all night might not cause you to fall asleep at the wheel, but it will increase drowsiness and slow your reaction times. Beyond a good night’s sleep, you’ll also want to prepare a kit for the car, including snacks and bottled water, in case a problem occurs. In the winter, it’s always worth taking a couple of blankets so you can stay warm if you need a vehicle recovery service. Adding a few simple household items now could make the whole experience far more comfortable.

Inspect Your Car – When’s the last time you carefully checked on your tyre treads, mirrors or lights? If your wheels make bizarre sounds or your brakes feel off, now is the time to visit a mechanic. They can perform the necessary car servicing, carry out an MOT test, and advise whether you need brake repairs. Road conditions may vary wildly between Horsham and your destination, so make sure you feel confident in the health of your vehicle.

Coolant and Oil – Never attempt a long journey without first checking on the oil and coolant levels. High-quality oil lubricates the engine to keep the moving parts in working order. Ensure your vehicle doesn’t suffer a coolant leak, as this could result in overheating and a breakdown on the motorway. Skilled in much more than car body repairs, our mechanics will top up your fluid levels during the car servicing process.

Check the Weather – So you’ve packed some drinks and made sure that your tyres, mirrors and lights work as they should. You also have a valid certificate to show that your car has passed its annual MOT test. Before leaving your Horsham home, check the weather in the place you’re visiting. Travelling on a sunny day will make for a more enjoyable drive (and may require sunglasses), while a rainy journey could put a dampener on the scenery as well as your spirits.

Visit Our Mechanics – At Plus Tech Garage, we offer everything from simple brake repairs and clutch work to decorative car body repairs. Our team performs full and interim car servicing for drivers across the Horsham area and provides weather inspections for those who must travel on icy days. Unlike some workshops, we can also recover your vehicle before returning it to your preferred location.

Rest assured, our team works on a permission-only policy, so we’ll never carry out any work without your agreement.

Please call 01293 541 686 or 07789 795 780 for car body repairs, car servicing and MOT tests that keep your vehicle in Horsham in great condition.