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Car Servicing in Crawley, Horsham and West Sussex

The last thing you need is for a breakdown to happen because of everyday wear and tear. Car servicing helps to keep your vehicle safe and roadworthy, reducing problems in the near future. As an experienced team of mechanics and technicians, we know exactly what to look out for. This makes us a preferred choice for servicing in Crawley, Horsham and the nearby areas when only the finest care will do.

By taking your car or motorcycle in for a service, you maximise safety for yourself and fellow motorists. Not all problems will be as obvious as a broken mirror, and it takes a skilled mechanic to undertake an inspection with the desired results. This is where the team at Plus Tech Garage comes in.

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Interim Car Servicing

It’s widely recommended that your car receives an interim (or minor) service for every 6000 miles on the road or after six months since the last service. This is the most basic inspection but allows us to look over crucial elements to ensure the vehicle stays roadworthy. Interim servicing proves especially useful for drivers who often go on shorter journeys. So what’s included? You can expect an examination of the fluid levels, a check of your brakes and tyres, and an inspection of other parts that remain vital to the driving experience.

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Full Servicing

The most comprehensive inspection available, full car servicing includes all checks from the interim service and so much more. Our mechanics will assess the vehicle for signs of wear and tear, inspect for leaks, and keep an eye out for breakages. We will look over the car with a checklist in hand, ensuring that your lights, horn, tyres, transmission, brake pipes, shock absorbers and wheel bearings all work as they should.

If you drive your car regularly around Crawley, Horsham or the surrounding areas, then visit us for car servicing once a year or for every 12000 miles driven.

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Oil and Filter Changes

As time passes, the oil in your car’s system will degrade. This makes it less effective at lubricating key components, resulting in more friction and potential overheating. Visit our workshop for an oil and filter change that keeps the internal parts in good working order – reducing wear to maximise your car’s lifespan and save on repairs.

Car Servicing From the Expert Mechanics

At Plus Tech Garage, we can perform a full car service in about three hours. Known for customer service, our team will be happy to recommend the best type of service to suit your needs. Following the inspection, we stamp your record book and discuss the need for any specific car repairs. This process also helps to keep your warranty valid.

Unlike an MOT, servicing is more than just a series of visual checks. It enables us to perform essential maintenance and assess its health without the possibility of a pass or failure. Simply get in touch for an affordable inspection from a member of our trustworthy team.

Keep your car in Crawley, Horsham or the surrounding areas roadworthy by calling 01293 541 686 or 07789 795 780 for car servicing from the reliable mechanics.